Supporting Students in the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) 

(AEP students are defined as those students performing above their present grade level on language arts, math or both subjects)

All AEP studentsMost  AEP students Few AEP students

  1. Classroom assignment– AEP students in each grade level will be placed in the same class together in the 50/50 dual language program.
  2. Unit projects– All students will participate in extensions to the thematic unit projects linked to the EL education curriculum. 
  3. Differentiated homework and assignments  that extend beyond the grade level. 
  4. Access to AEP leveled classroom reading library.



  1. Math pentathlon
    1. Game sessions 3 times per week.  
    2. Participate in math pentathlon tournament in the Spring.
  2. Book clubs focused on a common theme





  1. Skip grade level by subject to accommodate their academic.