GPA Athletics

GPA athletics is an outcome of the Global Preparatory Academy @ Riverside 44’s mission to develop compassionate global leaders through a bilingual/bi-literate education program that focuses on hands-on and cultural learning opportunities. Sports give the youth an opportunity to learn and develop outside of the classroom in an active hands on setting. We strive to teach our leaders how to succeed both in and outside of the classroom. GPA athletics strives for excellence through the way it approaches academics, practice, and competition.
GPA athletics is a partnership in which all stakeholders, parents, volunteers, community partners, teachers, and staff join hands with the athletic staff as we strive for excellence for each and every player. We encourage all persons to maintain a positive attitude and contribute to a positive atmosphere. Great sportsmanship and respect for teammates, coaches, competitors, officials, and spectators is a must and is the expectation as we uphold the standard of excellence in our athletic program.

Mr. Michael Durrett Sr.
Athletic Coordinator