Our Mission

Global Preparatory Academy develops compassionate global leaders through a rigorous education program that focuses on hands-on, cultural and Spanish immersion learning opportunities.

Be the change you wish

to see in the world

What We Believe

  • We believe we must touch our students’ hearts and show them we care before we can expect them to engage in learning.
  • We believe students thrive in an environment that unlocks their intellectual curiosity through experiences that allow them to better understand the world and those around them.
  • We believe instruction must be student-centered and responsive to students’ diverse abilities and cultures.
  • We believe instruction must be engaging, rigorous and relevant to students.
  • We believe we must engage parents and community stakeholders in order to maximize our educational impact.Through rigorous and relevant content instruction in English and Spanish, we increase students’ sense of responsibility and care for others at school, in their diverse communities and throughout the world.


Welcome to Global Prep Academy, a dual language school that connects students from diverse linguistic backgrounds and educates them together in a highly rigorous, engaging and nurturing environment. Using both English and Spanish to instruct students in all core content areas, students will develop high levels of bilingualism and biliteracy, as well as a deep value and understanding of other cultures.

As citizens in a global world, students at Global Prep will gain limitless access to other cultures through bilingualism and instruction, which emphasizes critical thinking using global perspectives and experiential learning. Through two-way immersion (TWI) in English and Spanish, students will affirm the values of their own cultures while acquiring an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Our students will attain bilingualism in a natural process through every day conversation and content instruction. We are committed to providing relevant instruction pushing our students to be critical thinkers and change makers in an ever-changing world.


Our learning strategy

We teach through ... Dual Language

  • Our dual language immersion program in Spanish and English is based on nationally recognized models. Studies show that programs with this approach increase student achievement in all academic areas while also developing bilingualism and Biliteracy.
  • 50% of instruction is provided in English and 50% of instruction is provided in Spanish.

Our students learn through ... Expeditionary Learning

  • Expeditionary Learning emphasizes the rich experiences as learning mode. Our students learn in a practical environment that is focused on literacy, character development, teamwork, and self-reflection. Students will explore interesting topics such as water quality or civil rights, through learning expeditions tied to state academic standards. As students move more deeply into this expeditionary learning method, improve their work, the results of their examinations up, and disciplinary problems are rare.
  • Our standards and instructional experiences are even more significant thanks to our rigorous and culturally relevant curriculum.

Our community works through....Love

  • Creating a warm and caring school environment is our priority. We work to build trust with our students and families who join us as educational partners.
  • It takes a community to raise a child. We value this shared commitment and work to include the entire community in our program, incorporating the views and wishes of the families we serve responsibility.

What Global Preparatory Academy offers children and families:

  • Personalized learning plans
  • Learning in two languages (Spanish and English)
  • A rigorous and culturally relevant curriculum based on state standards
  • High expectations for academic and social success
  • Extended day and opportunities for enrichment after school
  • Child care before and after school hours